How Brands Work on TikTok

June 23, 2022

Since 2021 Tik Tok has made itself one the most popular social media, after achieving a billion users  on a global scale, in consequence, lots of brands have adventured themselves into this (still unknown to some) social media.

The lack of knowledge is the biggest problem brands have when trying to enter the TikTok world. To solve this, we must  take into account the brand’s objectives and the feses they are in at the moment, to give a couple of examples, they could be in the “discovery” or “conversation” fase.

Once we have elements figured out, we will start working from the strategic point of view, then we will shift towards the creative ideas and building the brand on the trends going on the social media.


The return of investment on Tik Tok, against other platforms is quite superior since it allows for the investors to get more people’s attention when compared to other social media little actions; or even when compared to television advertisement. Nonetheless, the return of  investment is better perceived in notoriety than in dialogue.

According to a study made by Nielsen “Tik Tok generates over 31% more ´roast´ on publicity terms when compared to other social media or even traditional media”.

 A different way of telling a story

Another fundamental aspect that must be taken into account when adventuring into Tik Tok is the open-minded attitude they should have when facing the fact that a woman in her living room telling a minute long story involving your product or service may have a better reception than a big budget ads .

Content creation tips

try to keep it natural, real and honest when creating your Tik Tok content. the best you can do is have an adequate amount of humor related to the brand and speak the same “language” as your public does.

You should avoid big budget ads that don’t inspire a natural vibe or are difficult to understand by toktokers. always use the right format for the right platform in order to avoid not being perceived in an awkward way.

As well, don’t forget to use the tools that the platform gives to you, like: the filters, transitions and edits.


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