Podcasts as a Content Marketing Strategy

June 23, 2022

Between the years 2020 and 2021 there wasn’t only an increase in the people’s use of social media, but there were format changes as well. Ever since the new reality, the way in which we plan, create and distribute valuable and relevant content has shifted towards a new form of interactions and relationship-building with the target market, this allowed the strengthening of the podcast format as a marketing strategy.

Furthermore, the podcast has been working  as a tool for easing the creation of educational content, since it is an amazing way of sharing data from an extensive amount of topics. Thus, podcast insights has almost 2 million podcasts and over 48 million episodes registered.

The benefits of the podcast

  • It is a kind of audio on demand.
  • It is a digital audio format, exported on mp3 or wav, which can combine music with conversations.
  • The most regular content are: news, didactical content, tutorials, advice and interviews.
  • It allows for subscriptions since it is content on demand.

Podcast tagged by its content

Vilma Nuñez, self-made CEO and business marketing manager, recognizes and recommends three types of podcasts which turn out to be interesting to add into a digital marketing strategy.

  • commonly interesting podcasts: we could call these “entertainment ” since they are targeted to an extense public with a general interest to consume a chill and facile content while resting.
  • new-flanged podcasts: here, your podcast would be clearly informative, either to comment on a new topic about your company (being focused on the business aspect) or discussing global trends in your market sector.
  • educational podcasts: on the next level of practicality, we have the evergreen podcasts which allow for you, as a model, to build your own audience.

Don’t forget that as a strategist of marketing contents, it would be useful for you to share instagram stories showing your products in a subtle way. as well, you can take advantage of your social media to promote your products while gaining followers at the same time for your posts. what you cant express in a written manner you can share it in a podcast.

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